Flexwork at Harvard

Coronavirus Remote Work Resources

Flexwork at Harvard

Harvard University aims for excellence in its administrative operations and the employment experience it provides. Flexwork (also know as flexible work arrangements, or flex) can contribute to this excellence, providing the potential for employees to perform consistently at the highest levels, work together efficiently and effectively to meet the University’s mission and business objectives, and maintain a good quality of life.

When flexibility is well integrated with a performance-based culture, it becomes a strategic tool to achieve business goals and to foster engagement. Harvard is committed to implementing flexwork arrangements that support:

  • A high-performance, results-based work environment where highly engaged individuals, groups, and managers can thrive;
  • Business continuity in the case of disruptions caused by factors such as construction or weather; and
  • The University’s sustainability goals and commitment to employee wellbeing.

Without prescribing specific solutions given the wide range of differences in jobs, units and organizational objectives, these guidelines prescribe a common process that will ensure fair consideration across the University. We encourage you to read the guidelines thoroughly to understand their general principles.