CWD Stories

Look inside CWD to meet staff members who are growing professionally as managers, leaders and contributors by making the most of classes, coaching and other challenging development opportunities.

CWD Stories Angelica
Angelica – build on strengths for greater growth
A two-year Harvard employee, Angelica joined the Kennedy School as a Staff Assistant after completing the Harvard Internal Pathways Program (HIPP) through CWD’s Bridge Program; she started her Harvard career as a museum attendant at the Harvard Art Museums.
CWD Stories Gabie
Gabie – intensive work, life-changing results
Gabie Diligent works hard at her job as a custodian at the Smith Campus Center, and complements her job with intensive study at CWD’s Bridge where she studies English, computer skills, and writing and communications - with life-changing results.
Man in from of blackboard - CWD Stories Andy
Andy’s remarkable Harvard career journey
Andy Urbina has had a remarkable journey through Harvard since joining the University as a dining services employee a decade ago.
CWD Stories - Pam
Pam's path to better leadership
For Pam Burton, matching assistants with faculty is her passion – getting it right makes a difference for everyone Implementing positive change on a team requires one to manage change within him or herself.
CWD Stories Mary Lou - Building a Maximum Impact Team
Mary Lou – building a maximum impact team
Getting your entire team on the same page is hard work. You need team buy in, common goals, a clear strategic vision, guiding leadership, and sometimes an outside perspective can help bring clarity in a dynamic workplace.
CWD Stories Alain - value-packed work, significant impact
Alain – value-packed work, significant impact
Former researcher Alain Bonacossa was drawn to his current role in research administration as a chance to blend his expertise with management responsibilities. Intensive six-month executive coaching accelerated his leadership evolution.
Nada – grabbing the chance to learn and grow
Nada – grabbing the chance to learn and grow
Using the driving force of the Center for Workforce Development classes, new employee Nada El-Newahy, is learning to be highly effective in her role at the Harvard Extension School.
Bill – partnering for a powerful strategic vision
Bill – partnering for a powerful strategic vision
When the Center for Nanoscale Systems wanted to create a clear vision for the lab, and even clearer career paths for staff scientists, Executive Director Bill Wilson enlisted the organizational consulting team at CWD.