Pam’s Path to Better Leadership

CWD Stories - Pam Burton

“CWD’s Leadership in Action program combines expert instructors, relevant topics, and peer support giving you the skills to manage and lead more effectively.”

A Look Inside CWD: Pam’s Tips

For Pam Burton, matching assistants with faculty is her passion – getting it right makes a difference for the teacher, students and assistants. But getting it right is no simple matter. Classes change, people change, faculty changes. Managing through change requires both strong leadership and a team functioning at its very best.

Nominated to participate in CWD’s Leadership in Action program, Pam spent valuable time conducting a deep self-assessment, which opened the door to broader awareness about her strengths and needed areas of development. This candid self-reflection had immediate and tangible benefits.

Pam took what she learned and put it into place with her team, motivating them to succeed even more than before, giving them the tools to achieve that success, and turning strategic concepts into tactical action plans.