Alain – value-packed work, significant impact

CWD Stories Alain Profile

“CWD’s Focused Leadership program and my coaching engagement allowed me to modify behaviors for significant job impact.”

A Look Inside CWD: Alain’s Story

Alain Bonacossa’s intensive six-month executive coaching engagement with CWD accelerated his leadership evolution. A former researcher himself, Alain was drawn to his current role in research administration as a chance to blend his functional research expertise with management responsibilities, toward a primary goal - to help faculty get research done.

Sessions were intensive, and for good reason – there is a lot of value packed into each interaction and assignment. Entering his class, Alain knew he needed an open mind. The 360-degree feedback loop that is part of the program is instructive and can identify areas of improvement that may not have been obvious. This discovery process accelerated his professional self-reflection and helped him examine the qualities of leadership in a different light. What are your leadership behaviors? What does your team need from you?

In partnership with his coach, Alain was able to answer those questions, and to implement what he learned so he could be a better coach and leader to his teams.