University Policies

Policies are owned and managed by several different groups at the University, Human Resources, The Office of the Provost and Financial Administration among others.

If you are a member of one of Harvard’s Unions, please also consult your labor contract for union-specific policies.

Human Resources Policies

Affirmative Action
Disability Leaves
Discrimination Policy and Review Procedure
Drug-Free Workplace
FMLA (federal unpaid) Leave
Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace
Harvard Payroll Policy
Independent Contractor Policy
Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave
MA Parental Leave Act
Personnel Manual
Pregnancy in the Workplace
Sexual and Gender Based Harassment Policy
Social Media Guidelines
Wage and Benefits Parity Policy
Whistleblowing Policy

Financial Policies

Information Security Policies

Key University-wide Policies as identified and consolidated by the Office of the Provost.

If you cannot locate a specific policy or have any questions please contact the Office of Labor and Employee Relations.