Learning & Development

Web Accessibility for Developers

January 13, 2021
Meant as a follow-up to "Digital Accessibility for Content Creators" or another introduction to accessibility, we survey some essentials for developers with code examples, demonstrations, and an emphasis on testing.This training on Jan. 20 will be held virtually via Zoom in two sessions: 10 am - 12 pm, and 2 pm - 4 pm. Learn more. Read more about Web Accessibility for Developers

New Employee Orientation

December 9, 2020
In keeping with Harvard’s Coronavirus Guidelines, the University’s New Employee Welcome and Orientation program has changed from being an in-person session to a virtual online session. This session on Jan. 11 will be an Introduction to the structure and culture of Harvard along with benefits, perks and opportunities for new Harvard employees. Click here to learn more.

Navigating Change

November 10, 2020
This 90-minute virtual workshop on Nov. 18 will focus on characteristics and perceptions of the different styles of change. We’ll explore the emotional effect, fundamental core concerns, and the impact if they are met or overlooked. Learn more. Read more about Navigating Change

Harvard Extension Spring 2021 Registration - Degree Candidates

October 28, 2020

Registration opens at 9 am on Nov. 5 for degree candidates. Register early for best choice of courses. You must pay your balance in full by the payment deadline. If you do not, you risk being dropped from all courses and waitlists.Click here to learn more.