Learning & Development

Difficult Conversations

September 11, 2019
This class on Sept. 20 combines exercises and discussion to help you understand the fundamentals of a “difficult conversation”. Based on required pre-reading of the book Difficult Conversations, the workshop concludes with participants preparing for, and having practiced, their own difficult conversation by leveraging learning-partners. Learn more. Read more about Difficult Conversations

Career Roadmaps

July 31, 2019
This active 2-day class on August 7 and 14 will cover self-assessment of values, interests, skills and reputation; workforce trends and identification of professional networks; and exploration of options and goal setting. Learn more. Read more about Career Roadmaps

Career Conversations

July 10, 2019
This session on July 18 will give you the opportunity to meet one-on-one with local HR officers so you can learn more about Harvard’s schools and departments, including key initiatives and work environments, and explore your career interests, expand your professional network and strengthen future applications. Learn more. Read more about Career Conversations

Summer Science Week: The Science of Bugs and Slugs

July 3, 2019
From July 15-19, experience science hands-on through the lens of the two most diverse animal groups - gastropods (snails and slugs) and arthropods (insects, arachnids and relatives). Learn about the range of diversity and variation in these groups, while learning about how these amazing animals go about their daily lives. For students entering grades 6-8. Learn more. Read more about Summer Science Week: The Science of Bugs and Slugs