Learning & Development

Managing Up

January 15, 2020
This 4-hour workshop on January 29 will cover tools and techniques to empower you as an effective communicator with your manager. Topics covered include style differences, setting clear expectations, and managing your professional development. Learn more. Read more about Managing Up

Introduction to Excel

December 10, 2019
This course on January 14 covers how to create and edit basic worksheets and workbooks. Participants will learn to navigate the Excel environment, perform calculations, modify and format a worksheet, and print and manage workbooks. Learn more. Read more about Introduction to Excel

Managing a Team

November 27, 2019
This workshop on Dec. 5 will explore the characteristics of a high performing team that have to do with the formal operating principles of a team (such as roles, processes) and those characteristics of a high performing team that are less tangible but just as important (interpersonal skills, leadership). Learn more. Read more about Managing a Team

Career Conversations for Current Harvard Staff

November 12, 2019
This session on Nov. 21 give you the opportunity to meet one-on-one with local HR officers so you can learn more about Harvard’s schools and departments, including key initiatives and work environments, and explore your career interests, expand your professional network and strengthen future applications. You can learn more in this FAQ.