Learning & Development

Enabling a Culture of Speaking Up

March 15, 2018
In this session on March 28, you will explore leadership behaviors associated with enabling a culture of speaking up highlighted in Amy Edmonson’s book Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy.  You will learn how to use these skills with individuals and how to role model and encourage them in a culture. Learn more. Read more about Enabling a Culture of Speaking Up

Career Roadmaps (2 Day Course)

February 28, 2018
This 2-day class on March 8 and 14 will cover self-assessment of values, interests, skills and reputation; workforce trends and identification of professional networks; and exploration of options and goal setting. A variety of assessment tools, individual reflection, and group discussion will be used. Learn moreRead more about Career Roadmaps (2 Day Course)

Stress-Free Productivity

February 21, 2018
This workshop on March 1 will reference the principle of Kaizen, which uses small steps for continual improvement in habits and processes. Increase your personal effectiveness – recognizing that building on incremental, continuous improvements may help you win your war with productivity. Learn more. Read more about Stress-Free Productivity

My First Job, Now What?

February 7, 2018
For those who are in their first “real” job after school, this session on Feb 15 will help you explore what next steps you might consider taking on your career journey. You will focus on describing your skills and weave in the aspects of work that you find most interesting. Learn more here. Read more about My First Job, Now What?

Managing a Team

January 31, 2018
This workshop on Feb 8 will explore six characteristics of a high performing team: Common Purpose, Clear Roles, Effective Processes, Accepted Leadership, Excellent Communication, and Solid Relationships. Learn more hereRead more about Managing a Team

Chart of Accounts

January 24, 2018
This introductory class on Feb 1 provides an understanding of Harvard's Chart of Accounts structure. This class is recommended for all staff who are responsible for processing, tracking, or reviewing financial transactions. Learn moreRead more about Chart of Accounts