Learning & Development

Process Improvement Mindset

March 4, 2020
 Through this 2-hour hands-on workshop on March 18, you’ll experience a simulated-process and learn tools and concepts for eliminating “waste” and creating value. You will strengthen the lens in which you view a process and have an understanding of detailed steps for improvement. Learn more. Read more about Process Improvement Mindset

Stress-Free Productivity

February 19, 2020
This half-day, 3-hour workshop class that begins on Feb. 28 will reference the principle of Kaizen, which uses small steps for continual improvement in habits and processes. Increase your personal effectiveness - recognizing that building on incremental, continuous improvements may help you win your war with productivity. Learn more. Read more about Stress-Free Productivity

Hack-a-Problem Mindset

February 12, 2020
In this active workshop on Feb. 25, you will bring ideas for change within your department and learn a creative problem solving approach to translate those new ideas into action. The key to a good problem solving process is identifying and defining the right problem to solve.  Read more about Hack-a-Problem Mindset

The Power of a Positive No

February 5, 2020
This session on Feb 13 explores challenges behind saying “no” and potential risks, impact, and feelings that prevent us from being honest. Learn how to say “yes” to yourself by identifying what is important and work towards a positive, respectful outcome at work or at home. Learn more. Read more about The Power of a Positive No

I ♥ Science

January 29, 2020
Awaken your love of science with this event on Feb 8! Complete with activities led by Harvard scientists, graduate students, and enthusiastic explorers. Meet scientists who investigate fossils, microbes, and carnivorous plants. Hear short talks on current research at Harvard and more. Learn more. Read more about I ♥ Science

Managing Up

January 15, 2020
This 4-hour workshop on January 29 will cover tools and techniques to empower you as an effective communicator with your manager. Topics covered include style differences, setting clear expectations, and managing your professional development. Learn more. Read more about Managing Up

Introduction to Excel

December 10, 2019
This course on January 14 covers how to create and edit basic worksheets and workbooks. Participants will learn to navigate the Excel environment, perform calculations, modify and format a worksheet, and print and manage workbooks. Learn more. Read more about Introduction to Excel