Mindfulness and Compassion 2.0

March 18, 2020
An essential component of any mindfulness practice is learning to focus on observing both internal and external experiences with a heightened sense of clarity, this virtual course on March 31 will delve further into how these practices can prepare us to lend support to ourselves and those around us. Learn more. Read more about Mindfulness and Compassion 2.0

Full-day Mindfulness Retreat for Experienced Practitioners

February 26, 2020
Modeled after the programs offered at established retreat centers such as the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, this full-day retreat on March 5 offer participants sustained periods of practice in a variety of meditation styles, such as the body scan; sitting and walking meditation; gentle yoga; and compassion-based practices. Learn more. Read more about Full-day Mindfulness Retreat for Experienced Practitioners

Mindful Communications 2.0

February 19, 2020
In this course on Feb. 27, the instructor will offer insights and refinements around challenges participants may have faced in their ongoing efforts to become more careful, more compassionate speakers and listeners. Pre-Requisite:Mindful Communication: Speaking and Listening with Awareness. Learn more. Read more about Mindful Communications 2.0

Mindful Eating

February 5, 2020
This session on Feb 25 will delve into how a consistent practice of mindfulness can help us close those gaps, and furthermore help us manage the unconscious, reactive habits that build up around food. As a result, we will learn to become more aware of when we are truly hungry, when we are not, and when we are sated. Learn more. Read more about Mindful Eating

International Winter Bike to Work Day

January 29, 2020

Stop by the Smith Campus Center patio on Feb 11 and pick up your honorary winter bike commuter badge. Warm up with hot cocoa while having your bike tuned up for free. Please pre-register here.