In the new model, will I still be able to speak and work directly with my vendors?

Yes, but DZConneX will participate in meetings and discussions with suppliers, and may suggest that additional suppliers be included as well.

This is because the new model is predicated on supplier neutrality. For example, when a worker is proposed for an assignment at Harvard, identifying information about the supplier will not be visible. The idea is to foster a competitive, supplier-neutral sourcing model for the best talent.

In many cases, hiring managers will welcome Yoh acting as a participant or intermediary in this process. In other cases, Harvard managers have told us that they have beneficial relationships with key suppliers that they wish to maintain. We anticipate they will be able to maintain these relationships and direct their requisition to a preferred or specialized vendor in Fieldglass if they wish. However, Yoh may suggest other suppliers who can meet Harvard's needs and introduce more competition.