How do the on-campus child care centers decide who gets a space?

Each center offers spaces to current families first, giving returning children and siblings priority. Preference is then given to Harvard affiliates according to a tier system established by the university. Harvard faculty who are eligible for the ACCESS Program are considered Tier 1A and have priority enrollment on up to half of child care center slots. Preference is then given to other benefits-eligible faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows on a regular Harvard payroll, and to active degree students, all of whom comprise Tier 1. Other affiliates who have a Harvard ID number (HUID) but receive their salary and benefits from someone other than Harvard University are considered Tier 2. Following these Tier 1 and Tier 2 assignments, slots are allocated to all others, including alumni and members of the local communities, generally considered in Tier 3. Note that for all tiers, affiliation status is determined for the time of child-care center enrollment, not the time of application: In order to be considered Tier 1, for example, you must be a benefits-eligible employee or a degree student as of the day your child starts care. For specific questions about your tier status, please email